LGBTQ Athletics

Williams College celebrates the fact that people of all sexual orientations and genders play sports and that physical exercise is important for our bodies, minds and souls. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment and the athletic department is committed to fostering a culture that accepts, appreciates, and values all individuals. It is our mission at Williams to create an inclusive environment and for each person to feel they are an important member of the athletic department, college, and broader community. We place high value on recognizing and welcoming the differences of our student-athletes. We are dedicated to cultivating a community where all perspectives are welcomed and students have opportunities to educate and learn from one another.

The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center hosts a weekly gathering for LGBTQ and questioning students, called Anything But Straight in Athletics, every Wednesday at 9pm, in Jenness Room 9. All LGBTQ and questioning varsity and club athletes are welcome to attend. Questions? email [email protected]

Williams Athletics seeks to include all interested members of our community as athletes, coaches, and fans.  We strive to create a community that embraces difference, and know we are made stronger by that commitment.
We hope to create safe places for our students and athletes in physical education classes, in locker rooms, on the field of play, and in the stands.  Whether you are an accomplished athlete, or new to sport, we hope you will join us at a game or in a class.
We fully embrace the NCAA and NESCAC statements and policies of inclusion. Please see our You Can Play video here:  COMING SOON!
We value team work and all members of our teams regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, or religion. We know that successful teams allow everyone to bring themselves fully to the endeavor.
Lisa M. Melendy
Director of Athletics
Williams College

Ryan Barry (football) is featured in the national you can play video.