The QSU meets Tuesdays at 8pm in Hardy House

The Queer Student Union is a group of students who share a common interest in cultivating, nurturing, and enriching the queer experience at Williams College. We are advocates for queer perspectives and we work to ensure that the presence and voices of queer students are recognized and respected at Williams. Through our active presence and involvement on campus, the QSU hopes to confront homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and heterosexism while seeking to understand and address how these interlink with sexism, racism, and classism to perpetuate oppression.

With these goals in mind the Queer Student Union endeavors to serve a wide variety of functions socially, intellectually, and politically:

  • Socially, we organize to create common bonds through conversations, social events, and explorations of queer cultures.
  • Intellectually, we serve as a source of information and provide and safe medium for academic discourse, personal reflection, and artistic (re)presentation of queerness and our other intersecting identities.
  • Politically, as activists, we work to transform our greater community while recognizing that our goals require a continued process of understanding and addressing all forms of oppression. Gender and sexuality are mobilized in different ways along with race, ethnicity, class, age, and ability in order to privilege some bodies, voices, and actions over others, effectively speaking and acting for others before they do so for themselves.

We work collaboratively to create safe as well as transformative spaces at Williams for our LGBTQ+ peers and to serve as a resource for all members of our community who wish to question thoughtfully the ways in which genders and sexualities affect and inform our lives and society.