Anything but Straight in Athletics

Recognizing that there are many in the Williams Athletic community who do not identify as straight, “Anything but Straight (ABS) in Athletics” began in Spring 2009 as a place for LGBTQ athletes to get together and discuss LGBTQ issues.  The group was formed as a way to support the Williams athletic community and offer a safe space to be queer and questioning.

This group meets every Wednesday at 9pm in Jenness. ABS is for club and varsity athletes.

westonTo help make sure everyone feels safe:

  • Personal information that is shared in meetings, stays there (a person’s sexual orientation, discussions about incidents on particular teams, etc.)
  • No one is required to identify their sexual orientation or gender identity, but everyone is invited to do so. If heterosexual people are part of the group, you might ask them to experiment with NOT automatically sharing their sexual orientation since it so much easier to publicly identify oneself as straight
  • We speak from our own experience, avoid generalizing (All heterosexuals…or all gay people…)
  • We respect different perspectives
    We acknowledge other differences besides sexual orientation and gender identity (race, class, sex, religion). These identities affect our experience of being LGBT.
  • We Have fun

Links of interest for student athletes:

WE NOW GET COMPETE MAGAZINE!  (The only magazine for LGBT Athletes) It is in Jenness House monthly!