Queer Pride Days is an annual series of discussions, performances, and events that encourage the entire Williams Community to learn about and celebrate queer identities.
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Noon-1pm Queer Lunch Table: Queerness, Assault, and Abuse (Paresky 112)
Queer your lunch! If you didn’t make it to the last discussion, don’t feel left out; this lunch talk is open to everyone! Hosted with members from the Rape and Sexual Assault Network (RASAN) this lunch discussion will provide a safe space for thoughtful discussion of what abuse and assault means to queers. Taking a broad view, we hope to discuss the interconnections of many kinds of abuse and assault: sexual assault, rape, substance abuse, homo-, bi- and transphobias, guilt, and struggles with maintaining mental and physical health.

6-7pm QSU Board Meeting (Jenness House)
Board meetings are open, feel free to drop by or email Gabrielle (gmj1) and Mike (ms2) with any questions.

7:30pm Purple Key Fair (Towne Field House)

4pm LGBTQ Career Resource Seminar (OCC- 10 Weston)
Interested in pursuing a career in LGBTQ advocacy? Ever wondered how “out” to be on your resume or job interview? Ask these questions and more this Tuesday! Instead of a general meeting this week, there’ll be an OCC seminar especially for LGBTQ students. Ron Gallagher has been to the “Out For Work” LGBTQA College Student Career Conference and will be presenting/answering questions about jobs, cover letters, networking, interviews, etc.

6-7:30pm Discussion with Faisal Alam (Hardy House)
[Message from justin] The GSRC is honoured to bring Muslim activist of Pakistani descent, Faisal Alam to campus for a short talk and informal Q&A session. Faisal is sought around the world to share his experiences as a gay Muslim and to offer support for Muslims who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and those questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity, especially through the organization he founded, Al-Fatiha.

I heard Faisal speak in February and he is fabulous. He came to Williams 4 years ago and all of the students who interacted with him raved about his kindness and openness to discuss difficult issues.
My hope is that Faisal’s visit will be fairly informal as I know we are all very busy this week with Islam Awareness Week, Queer Pride Days, etc. I am hoping that he will mostly be a great resource for all of you.

More info on Faisal is here: http://www.hiddenvoices.info/about-hidden-voices.php and here: http://www.wolfmanproductions.com/faisal.html
If you have issues or questions you hope Faisal might be able to address please send them to me so that I can give them to him beforehand and we can best utilize his time.

Please send this message to your listservs and share with anyone you think might be interested. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

7:30 PM Take Back the Night
RASAN will be holding its annual Take Back the Night event, a national gathering as part of April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month, on Tuesday, April 19. This is an evening of solidarity and support for survivors of rape and sexual assault and their allies to let them know that they are not alone, to speak out against sexual violence, and raise community awareness against future violence. The rally also offers an opportunity for …the community to state it will not tolerate these crimes or let them go silently into the night. It will start at 7:30 pm at Chapin Hall and proceed in a candlelight walk across campus. There will be scheduled speakers in the Science Quad around 8:00 pm and an open mic at the Eyes around 8:30 pm, followed by a reception in Goodrich. All are welcome to attend.

8-10pm Sex Jams with Laini and justin! (Rice House)

Noon-1pm, 4-4:45pm Queer Gallery Discussion (WCMA)
Thanks to Liz Gallerani, there will be a special QPDs exhibit in the Rose Study Gallery on Thursday for view at noon and again at 4pm. The pieces were handpicked for discussion about queerness, bodies, gender, and more. This event is organized partly in regards to the Alison Bechdel posters, with the hope that more people will engage critically and intellectually with these topics. Drop by, bring friends.

6-7pm First-Year Pizza Dinner, Jenness
The third of four dinners hosted by the QSU for all first-year students interested in queer issues and queer life at Williams. This week’s discussion topic: Queer Resources At Williams.

7-8pm MINCO Elections (Baxter Hall)
This week’s MinCo meeting is Election Day! Come to Paresky to hear the candidates for MinCo Board positions deliver brief speeches on their platforms! You will have the opportunity to ask them any questions that you may have. Attending this meeting is MANDATORY if you want to vote in the elections for the 2011-2012 MinCo Board.

8am-8am Williams v. Keene 24hr Rugby match!!!

9-10:30pm SpeakFree and Andrea Gibson (Baxter Hall)
A powerful live performer, Andrea Gibson is the winner of the 2008 Women’s World Poetry Slam, and has placed 3rd in world on two International Poetry Slam stages. As part of both Earth Week and Queer Pride Days, the QSU is teaming up with SJSF (Students for a Just and Stable Future) and TNG (Thursday Night Grassroots) to bring you a whole night of acoustic music and spoken word. Andrea Gibson will be going on at 9:30pm after a performance by SpeakFree…meet & greet to follow.


11am Workshop w/ Andrea Gibson (Hardy House)
Focusing on a myriad of social justice issues, we will explore the poet’s responsibility in the current political climate. We will read and discuss poems by contemporary writers focusing on issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, patriarchy, and capitalism, after which we will use the shared poems as writing prompts to inspire our own radical voices.

8pm Keeping the Faith, Chaplains Office (Paresky 2nd Floor)
Keeping the Faith is a new open discussion space for spiritually-oriented queers and their supporters to explore, affirm and seek to integrate the totality of who we are. Confidential drop-in meetings will occur 8-9pm every Sunday in the Chaplain’s office. People of all faith backgrounds and sexual orientations/gender identities are more than welcome to attend. Contact ccl2 or gmj1 for more information.