From President Falk

Below is a message from President Falk in response to an article posted in the New York Times a few weeks ago (someone sent it over the listserve, but here it is just in case –

Feel free to post/write comments, to here or to President Falk himself ([email protected]). He sent this to me without any prompt or letter regarding the article from my end.

– Mike


Questioning the Need for a Queer Life Coordinator?

By Adam Falk

Timed to coincide with the publishing of their book criticizing higher education, Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus, recently had an essay run in The New York Times Education Supplement.

Perhaps inadvertently, the essay, titled “Administrative Glut,” does Williams the favor of publicizing our commitment to the position of Queer Life Coordinator – one of several positions and offices at Williams that the authors imply the
College could do without.

But, of course, to do without them would be to abandon what Williams is: a vibrant community working to enable all of its members to live, learn, and thrive. That we won’t do.

As wrongheaded as I find their analysis, I hope the authors continue to help us spread this word.