College Council Votes in Support

Dear Students,

At last night’s College Council meeting, CC unanimously voted to approve the
following resolution in support of the demands put forth by the Queer Student
Union and the Women’s Center.

WHEREAS recent homophobic events have catalyzed student groups (i.e. QSU
and Women’s Center) to make demands for improvement in institutional
programming and support for gender and sexuality at Williams College

LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Williams College Council:

1. Supports an evaluation and redistribution of space within the houses of
Morley Circle, with the aid of the Minority Coalition and the Multicultural Center,
to include a Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.

2. Recommends that Williams College hire a full-time Assistant Director of
the Multicultural Center in Charge of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.

3. Advocates for an updated JA and Baxter Fellow Training to include more
comprehensive LGBTQ and Gender peer-advising and guidance.

4. Urges the College to increase the Queer Studies course offerings in the
WGST department.

5. Supports the CUL Proposal for Gender Neutral Housing, stating “that
upperclass students should be able to choose to live in a double with another
student regardless of gender, if both directly-affected students agree to this.
Upperclass housing placements (conducted by the College) into doubles would
continue to be done based upon gender, unless requested otherwise by both
directly-affected students. (Note: During room draws, gender caps in houses
would apply as usual.)”

As representatives of the student body, College Council is proud to present this
document to the Williams College administrators, faculty, staff, and students in
order to help promote the implementation of these goals. Also, please find
attached a letter from the QSU and Women’s Center to the Williams Community
with more information regarding the movement as it continues to take shape.

Good luck with finals. Have a safe and happy winter break!!


Lizzy Brickley and Mike Tcheyan
College Council Co-Presidents